Sunshine vs. Perfume: The Story of a Murderer



ACH! Two of the most under-appreciated, stunning masterpieces that I have seen and almost nobody else has.

The direction Sunshine takes toward the end is the one of the most idiotic I've seen in recent memory. I was already annoyed by most of the characters throughout the movie, but the wrongheadedness behind the climax left me stupefied. Perfume is much better by comparison, and I didn't even like it that much.


Perfume is a film like no other. It has a gothic tone to it and it is sensuously erotic despite its disturbing overtones. Sunshine was forgettable.

Perfume is one of my favourite novels, but the film adaptation is pretty mediocre. Sunshine is towards the end kind of dumb in a way, but not that bad. I think it's a pretty good film. It has few great performances, a great score, great cinematography and an interesting plot.