Sunshine vs. 2001: A Space Odyssey



Pairings like this are quite rare, so I thought I'd comment. I'm sure 2001 is a "better" film in terms of artistic ambition and the influence it had on film making as a whole (Sunshine in particular) but I know which film I preferred. Danny Boyle also seems like such a nice bloke....

Great pairing indeed. 2001 is obviously a better film but Sunshine is great too.

If it wasn't for that last act 'twist' in 'Sunshine' this might be a little harder, but '2001' is a masterpiece and though 'Sunshine' comes close it has a major flaw I cannot overlook.


Sunshine managed to somehow move me. 2001 left me a little cold. I understand that it's so influential, but if I'm squirming in my seat or checking the time while watching a movie, that's proof enough that I didn't enjoy it as much as I hoped I would. Sunshine is my pick.

For me, this is a classic head vs heart contest. To echo what has already been said by a few people (and also my thoughts on 2001 vs Prometheus, which is a very similar match-up in my opinion), 2001 is a better film, and I don't think any other film has come close to defining the Sci-Fi to the extent that 2001 did. If this were purely a contest of which is the better film, 2001 would win hands down, as it has very few flaws. However, Sunshine had a much bigger impact on me emotionally, in terms of exploring the universe and it's beauty and power. By comparison, 2001 left me cold, and in my opinion the story focuses more on the evolution of man and machine, whilst Sunshine focuses man vs nature. Both question our position in the Universe and Science vs Religion (although Sunshine does this much more overtly). But as often happens for me, I'm going to go with my heart on this one. Sunshine ftw, but props to 2001 as well.

2001 wins. Sunshine is great though.

Sunshine is a fine sci-fi film. Bit cheesy at moments, the third act has some plot holes, I mean how did Pinbacker get on Icarus II? Also he survived quite many things that'd kill a normal person. Also the editing in the third act of the film is somewhat annoying at moments, also the flashbacks annoyed me. I do still love the way that it's revealed that there's a fifth person on the ship in the third act and the film doesn't really fall apart there, it's still pretty good. It's entertaining, has nice visuals and has a very good score. 2001 is one of the best films ever. I think it's beyond just entertainment. It's all about the themes and different interpretations. I think it's still as amazing as it was before, because the unbelievable intelligence that it has, hasn't gone anywhere. I can watch it over and over, and find new things, new themes, ideas, thoughts. And of course it has amazing music, great visuals, effects, blah blah... the things everyone always talk about. I understand if you like something even as inferior as Sunshine over 2001, if you watch films just for entertainment. Just remember, entertainment is subjective, what is a great film, a fantastic book or an amazing piece of music is objective.