An Evening with Kevin Smith vs. The Thin Red Line



The Thin Red Line beats Kevin Smith's subjective ego.

Ego is subjective by nature. Pure tautology. Would rather Smith's humorous ego to Malick's self-serious, poseurish ego.

Isn't that a pleonasm?

Only if you value concision over style points. Kevin Smith certainly doesn't, and Malick... well, who gives a fuck what that moron values?

I don't know, "pure pleonasm" sounds more concise *and* cooler than "pure tautology". But that's just me.

Ah, I see. I thought you were referring to my response as pleonastic (because the second statement is an unnecessary reinforcement of the first). But, yeah, in that case you're good; 'pleonasm' would be fine and sexy. I guess I'd probably still go with 'tautology' because pleonasms are more or less semantic redundancies while tautologies can be redundancies in words or concepts/ideas/numbers/stuff-n-things. Otherwise, yeah, the alliterative "pure pleonasm" is probably cooler. Man, I fucking love words about words. Word.