Batman: Under the Red Hood vs. Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, Part 1



Batman: Under the Red that's the way I like it. Of all the Batman movies out there, Under the Red Hood probably has the most balls. Even more than the Nolan ones. There's cursing (no shits or fucks, but they're not afraid to use the word 'hell' quite a number of times), there's a lot of blood, heads explode and people burn to death.. I'm surprised this got a PG-13 rating, all things considered. Under the Red Hood is pretty good. I don't think it has the same rewatch value as Batman '89 or The Dark Knight, but I still really like it. Props to the filmmakers for making a bloodier and grittier Batman movie. The Dark Knight Returns: Part 1 feels so lame and lazy in comparison.

Like both a lot, but a young Batman always beats an old. Under The Red Hood wins.

under the red hood is the best animated batman film hands down.But dark knight returns is very good.

TDK Returns Part 1 is probably my favorite animated Batman movie. Under the Red Hood was good, but it just didn't take the chances of Returns.

The Dark Knight Returns, both of them improved upon their source materials. Easily one of the best animated movies

TDKR anyday, UTRH is overrated