Planet Terror vs. Grindhouse



Ha ha very funny. so is the single Movie better than the 2 movies together or what should i choose now?

I choose the whole package because the trailers were better than the features :)

How do compare the same movie to itself? Or does Grindhouse as a whole have to win because it includes both movies, of which Death Proof was the better of the two?

lol wut

I had a great experience at the movies watching the complete Grindhouse movie. I could not imagine watching the movies separately.

Well, I think obviously Grindhouse has to win here. The only exception would be if you thought Death Proof was bad enough to make the collective combination of both movies worse than Planet Terror by itself. I do not, and therefore will select Grindhouse.

I hated Death Proof. Planet Terror wins.

Planet Terror wins.

Grindhouse. Seeing it in theaters was a total blast. I was so upset when they sold the movies separately and didn't release the theatrical cut for so long. Planet Terror is a good enough movie on its own, but it's stronger when it's included in the whole experience.

I'm a big fan of Quentin Tarantino, so I really hate saying this...Death Proof ruined Grindhouse.

I love Planet Terror, but I love Death Proof even more so Grindhouse wins.

Death Proof > Planet Terror. The action in the latter was directed more like X-Men or something than an oldschool B movie.

Well, I slightly prefer Death Proof to Planet Terror (love both) so Grindhouse wins. The only reason that one would pick Planet Terror here is if they don't like Death Proof.

Since I had some fun with Planet Terror and I thought Death Proof was pretty shitty except for Kurt Russell's performance, I think I'd pick Planet Terror over the two movies combined any day of the week.