Planet Terror vs. Death Proof



Out of the 2 , I would choose Death Proof.

I understand what Quentin Tarantino was doing with Death Proof, but it was nowhere near as enjoyable as Robert Rodriguez’ Planet Terror.

God, what a tough one. I really love 'Death Proof' yes, even the talky bits. But 'Planet Terror' is a insanely awesome zombie film with Bruce Willis an a nutso military commando (my favorite kind!). Going with 'Planet Terror' for now but will have to mull over this some more.....

Werewolf Women of the SS

or Don't!

or Thanksgiving

but not Machete

Death Proof 100%. While I was watching Planet Terror, I kept thinking "This is really fun! I don't know why my friends were down on it!" But then Death Proof started, and that turned into "Oh, THAT'S why."

Ugh. Death Proof is just plain bad and really brings down Grindhouse as a whole.

When you put Rodriguez and Tarantino side-by-side like this you realize how much better Rodriguez really is as a filmmaker. PLANET TERROR was surprisingly fun, and DEATH PROOF was a very dull, stupid slasher movie with a pretty good chase scene at the end of it. If I had known in advance, I would have watched PLANET TERROR and all the trailers then walked out. However, INGLOURIOUS BASTERDS makes up for how weak DEATH PROOF was.

I liked both films, but Planet Terror was just more fun for me.

Planet Terror basically is a grindhouse film, albiet with some big name actors and what not. Death Proof however, is an excellent film homaging the grindhouse days, but I dont think anyone would call it "B" movie like. The overall experience was a whole lot of fun, but Ive wondered if Rodriguez said "Oh, crap!" when he saw Tarantino's installment. Suprised at which way this discussion is one-sided. You're all crazy :)

I loved the whole Grindhouse experience.If i had to choose out of the two movies,it would have to be Planet Terror as it's a riot from start to finnish. Any movie that has a hot chick with an assault rifle for a leg gets my vote. Saying that,i do really love Death Proof... man,this is hard.

Loved both of these. Planet Terror was a great homage to "B" horror filmmakers like John Carpenter, while Death Proof was a great tribute to car chase flicks. While both are great, I prefer PT, since it's more like my taste in movies than DP.

Death Proof took so long to get interesting. Planet Terror all the way.

Planet Terror.Death proof had an interesting idea but it was poorly executed.

Death Proof. It's probably Tarantino's weakest film, but I still love his dialogue (some of it, in this case) and the way he comments on genre films. Planet Terror just left me cold. I usually love Rodriguez's work, but this was just a mean spirited, unoriginal zombie flick, except for the awesome leg machine gun.

"Don't" is the best of the fake trailers, by the way.

Death Proof was boring and annoying. Planet Terror was good fun almost all the way through.

'Death Proof' is probably Tarantino's worst film; it's also at least 10x better than 'Planet Terror'. Both should really be viewed back to back though, with the fake trailers in between.

These shouldn't even be separate. That's actually kind of annoying. But I did like "Death Proof" better.

There is a chick with a M16 for a leg. All arguments are now invalid. Planet Terror!

While a huge Tarantino fan, Death Proof is one of his worst films. It's amazing, but not as amazing as it could be. Planet Terror is obviously the better choice.


Tarantino's worst is better than Rodriguez at his best.

I liked Planet Terror up to a point. I found it funny, but not as good as I would have expected. Death Proof was better for me.

I still think Death Proof is weak in comparison to the other Tarantino films, but it's not bad.

Death Proof. Just because of that car chase scene.

When I watched Grindhouse I was disappointed with Death Proof. So when Planet Terror was shown right after it, it came off much better. Until I see Death Proof again, Planet Terror it is!

Was bored with Death Proof until the second part started. Planet Terror entertained me throughout the movie

Planet Terror! Death Proof bored bored me to deaath.

Gotta be Planet Terror. I do not know if I will ever watch Death Proof again. I would stop and watch Planet Terror.

I will admit Planet Terror was fun, but I thoroughly enjoyed Death Proof. I thought Tarantino did a good job of mixing action and dialogue. I may take some heat for this, but I would say Death Proof is Tarantino's second best movie.

Planet Terror's pacing and sheer entertainment value was much better than Death Proof. The first half of Death Proof was way too slow and boring.

I found death proof a little better than planet terror. It seems you need to have a certain mentality to enjoy QT films, how anyone could be bored by death proof is beyond me :S

I am a HUGE Tarantino fan but I had to go with Planet Terror. I liked the last part of Death Proof but this is just one time where Tarantino's film was just TOO dialogue heavy. It takes too long to get to the good stuff.

Personally, I would rather have Grindhouse as a complete whole, but since I can only choose one or the other here, I will pick Planet Terror. It is entertaining, has great acting, and is hilarious at times. Death Proof is amazing as well but isn't quite like the zombie filled film.

Watching Planet Terror was one of the best times I've had in a movie theater. Death Proof on the other hand is my least favorite Tarantino film.

I didn't exactly love Planet Terror, but it was much better than the disappointing Death Proof.

Planet Terror doesn't waste time with its dialogue scenes, whereas Deathproof takes a bit to get going. He'd bounce back greatly with Basterds though.

Two great sections of Grindhouse. But I think Planet Terror was the better half (though I do look at it as one film)

Planet Terror all the way. A better tribute to exploitation films and a lot more entertaining than Death Proof.

Death Proof is a far better tribute because 1. it's not as self-consciously tee-hee zany/gross as Planet Terror (part of the charm of old exploitation movies is often that they feel naive and not self-aware), and 2. it builds up and pays off at the very end as opposed to the random, rapid-fire modern filmmaking style that makes Planet Terror have a vibe totally unlike old B movies. With that said, Tarantino's overly precious dialogue is insufferable as usual.

Get ready to fly, bitch!

Well damn if you ain't so sweet you make sugar taste just like salt.

I learned it from my brother... Stuntman Bob

Based on one the first viewing I prefered Planet Terror, I have watched them three times since and liked Death Proof better every time.

Planet Terror. Death Proof could be QT's worse. Absolute bore....

Both are great movies, Planet Terror is just more exciting.

Death Proof is what you get when Tarantino films go to Tarantino-y. To much dialogue for a very dull plot.

Planet Terror is just ridiculous, that being said so is Death Proof, but at least the Carsploitation film has a good director and witty dialogue.

Love them both. Death Proof wins because it just keeps getting better with each viewing.

Both are stylish as hell,no question about it. But really, it wasn't for me,not my style at all. I really enjoy the not-so-crazy Tarantino,exploitation homage free. Anyway,"Death Proof" wins easily here for me,eternal props to Kurt.

100% DeathProof. For 2 very good reasons. 1.) Kurt Russel as Stuntman Mike, who he played to perfection. The end with his sobbing like a little bitch is classic and amazing. 2.) Zoe Bell as Zoe Bell, her stunts were incredible!!!!! Watching her slip and slide across the hood of the car is truly thrilling and makes your heart jump into your throat, of course that precious moment when she hops out of the weeds with "I'm okay!" Planet Terror for me just can't compete with DeathProof. Go Quentin Tarantino. PS So glad Robert Rodriguez didn't once again add his musical influence to it. (I like Tarantino's music style for his movies better then Rodriguez's for Quentin's movies)

Death Proof is somewhat of a waste of Tarantinos time, and it's still an awesome film. Planet Terror really wasn't great, there were a few funny scenes (with Tarantino in them of course) and that saved it from not being worth a viewing.

It always irks me whenever people proclaim "Death Proof" as QT's worst. I understand that not everyone appreciates chatterboxes and slow buildups in films, but doesn't that say more about the people who consider those elements garbage? Boredom only happens when you don't immerse yourself enough when watching a movie, and it's not the movies' fault if you are too weak to prolong your attention span. Anyway, I choose "Death Proof" because a.) Kurt Russel's character and the girls' are very interesting, and they transcend the caricatures that they're trying to portray for the theme of the movie. b.) !!!THE CAR CHASE SCENE!!! c.) The ending is totally unpredictable and so hilarious that I practically clapped my hands in awe.

I prefer Death Proof. That car chase scene was brilliant.

Two good entertainment films. I'm going with Death Proof.

I'm one of those rare People that would pick Death Proof over Planet Terror.

While both movies have their upsides, I prefer Death Proof by a rather large margin. I know what Rodriguez was going for, it just wasn't what I really wanted/want to watch. Death Proof was a fun ride and I really enjoyed it.

Death Proof

Both are a lot of fun.

death proof is an incredible movie. Planet terror is a fun b grade movie

death proof is an incredible movie. Planet terror is a fun b grade movie

They're both fun B grade movies. That's the whole point. I like Death Proof more, but they both certainly succeed in what they were going for.

I kind of enjoyed Death Proof mainly because of Russell. Planet Terror was fun, but it's way TOO much over the top. I'll take Tarantino B movie, over Rodriguez average movie.

I skipped death proof because Tarantino’s shitty pacing gets on my nerves but planet terror is fucking AWESOME mindless fun, blood, guts, gore, and nonstop badass action the whole way through