Hellraiser III: Hell on Earth vs. Hellbound: Hellraiser II



A perfect example of diminishing returns in the horror genre.

the Third one felt lazy yeah theres good creatures and Gore but it feels rushed Hellbound is as good as the first and one of the best horrors ever its great with the best make-up and story of the series.

Hellbound is so much better than Hell on Earth I was really disappointed when I saw Hell on Earth

Hellbound was a solid sequel, Hell on Earth... not so much.

These both kinda of suck honestly.


Both alright, but I enjoyed 3 more, although the new cenobites were fucking awful.

love both actually, 3 is a personal fav

There was only one true Hellraiser film affiliated to its true purpose: Spawning a combination of hell and pleasure of the flesh and making these cenobites especially pinhead timeless and mysterious which immediately faded away with the sequels. Of course these sequels are really enjoyable but they made pinhead as a slasher villain with no motives instead of a terrifying, mysterious, profound and empty hell priest, guardian of the lament configuration and tormentor personifying death.