Inside Out vs. The Good Dinosaur



The Good Dinosaur would've been much better served being released when it was originally scheduled for, last year. I know it wouldn't have been the movie it ended up being, but speaking simply in terms of timing, The Good Dinosaur's couldn't have been worse. Pixar has made, by my count, three truly iconic properties: WALL·E, Toy Story, and Inside Out. I adore The Incredibles and eagerly anticipate The Incredibles 2, but the three properties I mentioned were the perfect combination of, well, everything. Idea, execution, characters, story, daring. The Incredibles comes ever so close, but it falls just short in most of those categories. WALL·E, Toy Story, and Inside Out's characters aren't as complex and nuanced as The Incredibles', yet that actually works in their benefit. Just think for a moment of the most memorable characters in cinema history, the ones that everyone knows about, and you'll find a large portion of the characters wouldn't also make the list for the most complex characters. It's why pop music is popular: simplicity and repetition tend to stick in your head more than complexity. On top of that, The Incredibles just doesn't quite have the same "daring" and inventive qualities of those three, which would be an understatement if we were talking about The Good Dinosaur. Of all of Pixar's movies, it's the most basic and derivative. Release that practically right alongside Inside Out and there's no way it's gonna come out looking good. I love it just the same, and I had a metaphorical boner the entire movie thanks to the animation, but versus Inside Out it's just not a fair fight.

Both have an interesting concept - but Inside Out makes the most out of that concept, and is easily one of Pixar's best, while The Good Dinosaur stumbles occasionally and had some unanswered questions that should have been brought up. Inside Out takes this one for me.

Probably Inside Out. The Good Dinosaur is pathetic and annoying.

Inside Out. How is this even a contest?

It's been 5 years since these two were released and Inside Out still crushes!