Inside Out vs. Toy Story



I liked Inside Out a lot, but isn't fair.

I agree with Danny, especially the fairness, but considering the excellency of Inside out, shall we look at this closer? Well, both are made by pixar + Disney. Toy Story is number 6 on my flickchart because of : Incredible development and emotions; good comedy; creepy villain but amazingly clever solution for a childrens' film, and funny ending. [Post-credits are a little irrelevant but I'll bring that in for an edge if I need to...]. I've just finished Inside Out, and it has made it this far due to its uniqueness, creativity, depth [especially all those moments! Oh my god broke my heart!]; good comedy as well; and a sacrificial solution along with a great ending. [Post-credits are arguably better than Toy Story since it touches upon the topic of other people's/animal's minds]. So now, who wins? Let's recap again! The amazing Woody and Buzzlight Year, who end up in a terrible torturous kid's hands due to Woody's jealousy, but Buzz is ultimately saved thanks to Woody, technically due to two clever solutions! Versus! The inside look upon a young girl's mind, who is being irrational and having her core self taken apart because Joy is too obsessed with keeping her happiness and tries to stop sadness but fails; but ultimately creates a yet-stronger bond with Riley and her parents. While Inside-out memories did nearly make me cry, Toy Story's heart wrenching "I'm just a toy" matches it out. While Inside-out has many funny moments, including the helicopter guy, the hilarious "Deja vu, ...., Deja vu, ...., Deja vu....."; Toy story includes many jokes as well. And while Inside Out has tough suspenceful moments in multitudes of situation where Joy and sadness do not make it, Toy Story has the crucial rocket moment as well as the car driving away moment that make it equally suspenceful. Toy story is smarter than Inside Out. Inside out is unlike any movie I've ever seen before. Both have developmental openings and strong endings that end yet still with a comedic note. What do I choose? Now you have seen why I didn't follow Sir Danny and instantly vote Toy Story. On a closer analysis these two movies are incredibly close! So what do I choose? Can I really choose Inside Out? This is incredibly difficult, so I will compare Inside out to the movie right below toy story on my flickchart--The Grave of the Fireflies. Relentlessly sad--making Inside Out look like a mere accident, a side-by story compared to the tragedy--it strikes a war message into our hearts. But again, is relentlessly sad and showing the message of war better than Inside Out? Not necessarily. And now let's compare Grave to Toy Story. Toy Story develops even stronger than Grave and doesn't have to be relentlessly sad to show a powerful message. But even comparing both to Grave; it would seem that both WIN against Grave. Thus I have no choice but to move upwards instead-- number 5, what I call the legendary "goal keeper" because no PG movie has ever defeated it, not even Toy story. Why? Shaolin Soccer is nearly flawless. But your eyes are prolly bleeding now so I'll try to keep this short. TS doesn't win against Shaolin because Shaolin has the perfect mix of comedy, action, a climax scene, a solution, and an amazing call-back with its ending; even if Toy story has more development. [I do agree shaolin was more ridiculous, but I'm more of a fan of Shaolin-type of movie rather than Toy story, even with the clever was a pretty dang close match-up in any case]. On the other hand, we face Inside Out against the legendary Shaolin Soccer. Who wins? Both start from the very beginning and go onwards. It would seem that Soccer is funnier than Inside-out on the first look, however, note that Soccer's funniness is mostly slapstick humor, unlike the comparatively more advanced comedy of Inside Out. and While Shaolin Soccer does indeed have a very tension-filled climax scene, Inside Out has land falling after land, with Riley nearly falling into an emotionless, irrational decision of abandoning herself and her family. Inside Out's mental struggle is just as heart-wrenching as Shaolin Soccer's physical wounds. And while arguably Inside Out can't really defeat Soccer's ending [pretty much nothing can really defeat soccer's last 5 minutes]; I think it is just narrowly, oh so narrowly, by a close call of a hair, able to defeat Shaolin Soccer! Thus, since Inside out defeats Soccer that ranks one rank above toy story, it defeats toy story! If you think this is unjustified [maybe toy story is better than soccer....]; then please message me. I only did Inside Out vs Soccer because I was absolutely desperate. :P

I'm not gonna go through this again lol.

On second thought...that was a bit unfair. After re-hashing the main plot of Toy story, I do suppose i have to agree Toy story wins with just a bit deeper development, with its clever solutions, and despite there being no sacrifice, it's still arguably just as sad as Inside out. Good try though; I nearly fooled myself with that "match up against shaolin soccer".

For me, Inside Out takes it. Smarter than Toy Story.

Inside Out is way better. More inventive, better development, and as Avenger7 said, smarter.

I read the comments; they seemed to agree that Inside Out was smarter than Toy story. Yet, reading my PREVIOUS three comments, I seemed to think Toy Story was smarter than Inside Out. Upon a re-watch of I.Out, I rethink my position. Why did I say it was smarter? I suppose it didn't make a lot of sense. I guess I'll take Inside Out, with just a tad more feel and development. Toy Story didn't have a sacrifice [altho buzz's sad discovery was pretty hitting on the heart], and it didn't have humanity with family connections. IT was cool and it gave all the characters depth, but I guess I did rank it a tad too high. [Above fight club? I guess club is far more unique and unpredictable]

Toy Story by far. Inside Out is great and a nice return to form for Pixar, but Toy Story is the studio's best film by a country mile.

Inside Out is good, but I really don't get all the praise it's been getting. Toy Story on the other hand is deserving of every ounce of praise it gets and then some.

Inside Out is the first Pixar movie since Toy Story where I feel Pixar hit on a juicy enough concept, and memorable enough characters, for them to squeeze more than one sequel out of, without there really being diminishing returns. Give us a movie for every pivotal part of Riley's life and I'll watch it, just like Pixar can do anything with Toy Story's characters and I'll watch it. Even Toy Story 4, which I'm unbelievably angry and concerned about. The writers for that, it being a love story, and Toy Story 3 having ended things so perfectly have me a big ball of negative emotions, but I'll still watch it because it's Pixar and it's Toy Story. I'll even remain cautiously optimistic for those same reasons. The same would go for any sequel to Inside Out. I hope one day Inside Out becomes as synonymous with Pixar as Toy Story is, with its characters becoming mascots for the studio just like Woody and Buzz. My love for both movies is virtually equal... but Toy Story wins the toughest of battles by the slimmest of margins based totally on nostalgia, remaining merely one spot above Inside Out, #21 and #22 respectively.

Toy Story is the better, although I enjoyed Inside out too

Maybe I'm overhyping it a tad, but I liked Inside Out more - it was just so imaginative. Toy Story is still very good, though.

Inside Out easy. Everyone can relate to it.

I've read many reviews, and I realize that even tho Inside Out characters do get developped and changed, I agree that they are more predictable than those of Toy Story. And so, my final decision? Toy Story wins.

Toy Story is my favorite Pixar movie of all time.

What a tough choice, but in the end, Toy Story wins it for me.

Inside Out is the queen; Toy Story is the king, so it's the king of Pixar movies.

Toy Story....hands down...

Yeah, I've changed my stance. Nostalgia is one hell of a drug, but Inside Out hits me harder as an adult. I relate with Riley's story more than I do Woody and Buzz's. Now if we could only get an Inside Out sequel to improve upon the original, like Toy Story 2 did.

Toy Story, no doubt