Inside Out vs. Toy Story 3



Inside Out, definitely.

Toy Story 3 is going to remain higher on my chart for personal reasons. but without a doubt Inside Out is Pixar's greatest film yet

I hate to say it, because of my adoration for the first two Toy Story films, but I felt a slightly greater sense of attachment to the characters in Inside Out, who I'd just met, than the familiar faces that returned in Toy Story 3. My problem with TS3 is something it, namely how the characters are represented, just feels... off to me. That doesn't stop me from nearly bursting into tears on more than one occasion, just like with Inside Out, but it does cause me to give Inside Out the nod here.

Inside Out is the best animated film by far of this decade over Toy Story 3.

maan, no ts3 wins against inside out - as the only pixarfilm!

I'll admit that Inside Out is more creative...but Toy Story 3 is the best Pixar movie ever made, IMHO.

Inside out.

Toy Story 3 is better than Inside Out.

Toy Story 3 for me.

Toy Story 3 all the way.

Inside Out

Still, Toy Story 3 is better by far.

I'm going with Inside Out on this one

Inside Out for the win. I adore the first two Toy Story movies. As much as I love the ending of TS3, the movie just feels off to me. I put it in the middle of the Pixar pack ranking wise. Inside Out, is an amazing movie from start to finish.

I Love inside out but toy story 3 is way better