Inside Out vs. The Incredibles



If Inside Out had been longer and dealt with the emotions of her parents and others around her more, it might have a chance at besting the Incredibles. But The Incredibles succeeds at having full, satisfying character arcs for, well, practically every last one of it's characters. Inside Out can't compete with that.

Inside Out, very close though

On second thought, and after seeing it twice more, Inside Out takes it here. It feels like a culmination of Pixar's entire filmography to me. It just has it all, including the best character animation I've seen from Pixar, or from any animated movie for that matter. There are better Pixar films, yes, but The Incredibles isn't one of them. Not quite.

Incredibles is far, far, far, far, far better.

The Incredibles. Both are great though.

Inside Out, although Incredibles was very good and its cliffhanger ending was simply amazing. I await for the sequel.

Incredibles cause more action

Inside Out struck a more significant chord with me....

Shit, really? Inside Out's trailer paints it as a witty film that's slightly off-centre. The film, however, is anything but. There's the odd bit of charming repartee, but it's hidden in a fog of middling cheese (and I use the word 'middling' very deliberately; Inside Out is very much an on-centre movie). It's an OK film, but it's got nowt on The Incredibles.

The Incredibles wins this one!

Both amazing Pixar films, but Inside Out wins easily. The Incredibles is boring.

Inside Out wins lots of awards in any kinds of categories, like the Best Animated Feature of the Year.

Inside Out

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The Incredibles is fine but I find it kinda empty. Inside Out is not just a colourful film with plenty of laughs but it has a lot of heart and left questions about the importance of our emotions and background that I've thinking about days after watching it!

I'm going with The Incredibles by far

Inside Out might have won this if it weren't for the plot. The plot holes are too egregious to ignore. If it weren't for that, Inside Out would be perfect. It's so emotional, so mature for a kids movie, so intelligent and complex in conveying emotion, so hilarious, and so enjoyable. But as it stands, The Incredibles is more complete.