Skyfall vs. Spectre



Let the skyfall!

Dr. No beats The Spy Who Loved Me all day long. No offense, but I don't like the Roger Moore era. On the other hand, I love the Sean Connery era.

Damn it! I'm was ranking Bond movies, my bad. When I'm gotta watch Spectre, I'll pick Skyfall here nonetheless though.

Skyfall wins, but Spectre was awesome too.

So Spectre...kind of sucked? I guess it was a tiny bit better than Quantum of Solace, because at least it wasn't edited to shit like that movie was, and it had *some* semblance of a narrative, but it's nowhere near as good as Casino Royale or Skyfall. You can spice up the script with all the action in the world, but if the plot is flimsy as shit, who cares if the action scenes are good or not? Christoph Waltz is absolutely WASTED as Oberhausen; such a fantastic introduction scene, which is probably the best part of the entire movie, but they turn him into a cruel joke by the end. Some people complained that Skyfall was too much like The Dark Knight, but the filmmakers literally make Waltz the Joker (crossed with...Jigsaw?) and the climax a particular sequence from The Dark Knight. It's dumb. And Dave Bautista, man, DAVE BAUTISTA! One of the surprising highlights from Guardians of the Galaxy, now reduced to stereotypical villainous big guy #24. They obviously want him to be the next Jaws of the series, and I guess his paycheck must've been hella nice, but why would you ever take this step in your career if it will most likely hurt it more than it benefits? I don't know, man. Spectre was just boring as shit. Less Spectre and more "Casino Royale Part 3". Skyfall was a one-time celebration / departure, I guess, but I want Bond films to stand on their own feet as much as possible (like Skyfall!). Granted, it's not as much "Casino Royale: The Epilogue" as Quantum, but casual fans will probably be kind of lost while watching this one. Overlong, lazy, dull. A lot of action doesn't guarantee you an exciting film, folks.

I loved Spectre.

Spectre was really good if you ask me. Not as good as Skyfall, but it's not too far off.

Spectre. Skyfall was beautiful but very uneven with a poor final act

What is MysticSpoon8 going on about lol... Skyfall was good, but you talk about a villain being wasted, there he was. He used cyber terrorism, is a sad man who used to work in the agency and he's bitter because he got booted out, boohoo. Spectre was Bond through and through. Had the right backstory, paid homage to previous films, had great action and humour, there was nothing boring about it. I'm still stuck on whether Spectre was better than Casino Royale or not, but as for Skyfall, easy win for Spectre... hands down.

So we're all picking SkyFall here... I guess I will join this party since I thought Spectre was a dull and underwhelming piece of garbage!


Skyfall was immeasurably superior.

Spectre is very underrated, though not as good as Craig's Bond 1,3 and 5.