Skyfall vs. The Dark Knight



Skyfall is majorly influenced by The Dark Knight. In this case, I'll go with the innovator.

The Dark Knight does it better. Not necessarily without flaws, but Skyfall was so half-assed that The Dark Knight's shortcomings are more tolerable. Skyfall was mostly a waste of time and money.

Eh. I'm pretty sure most people will prefer The Dark Knight, but I'm going with Skyfall. It's close though. Skyfall isn't your typical James Bond movie, but I like that the producers wanted to make something that's more than just an entertaining, stereotypical Bond movie.

Skyfall was more "personal" than your typical Bond flick and perhaps that's the reason it feels so different. But TDK is much better.

Dark Knight all the way. The Joker > Tiago Rodriquez.

For all its flaws, there is nothing so annoying in Skyfall as TDK's Aaron Eckhart and that crap ending.

Why so serious?

The Dark Knight is the Dark Knight....Skyfall is just a 007 film

My lord, just waetched skyfall really borrows from the dark knight. The way both villains operate is undeniably similar

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Definitely Skyfall

Dark Knight fo sho

The Dark Knight


going with Skyfall

Skyfall is one of the most overrated films I've ever seen. There was hardly any action at all. WHY DO PEOPLE LOVE IT SO MUCH?! Casino Royale and Goldeneye are 100000000000 times better! Anyway, I pick The Dark Knight by far.

Nevermind, TDK

I'm goin TDK in a close one....

The Dark Knight

The Dark Knight beats Bond. I was a little underwhelmed by Skyfall.