Skyfall vs. Home Alone



Did anyone else think that the scene when they get to Skyfall was a bit like Home Alone?

Apparently Sam Mendes joked about that on the commentary track for Skyfall. I have to give that a listen.

Oh, I totally did. Kevin McAllister handled things with more panache, though, I thought.

Gawd. Check out Straw Dogs, guys.

Seen it. Hoffman gives Kevin a run for his money, but the McAllister kid is still the Supreme Emperor of fucking up home invaders.

Yeah, all of the Home Alone-esque junk near the end of Skyfall was pretty lame, but the movie is still great. Home Alone is also pretty great, in its own way, but it has no chance against Skyfall.

Skyfall easily

Kevin McAllister...FTW.

Skyfall > Every Home Alone vehicle.

Damn. Every Bond film > Home Alone.

Home Alone by miles