Airplane! vs. The Naked Gun: From the Files of Police Squad!



Now here's a uniquely difficult comparison. Two very silly movies, but which one packs more laughs?

An incredibly even matchup, both hilarious films. I'll give it to Airplane for setting the standard.

God Bless Leslie, you will be missed! Gone but never forgotten, the best ever!

An even enough matchup. Airplane! because it was a childhood fave.

It's close but I have to go for Airplane! That film has more laughs a minute than anything before or since. Shame there's nobody left making these kind of films nowadays.

I went into The Naked Gun with every expectation of hating it. I'd seen Airplane! and not laughed once; the only noises coming from me were groans. Naturally, given that The Naked Gun is from the same people, I thought it'd be more of the same. However, I was wrong. About hating it, that is. It was more of the same. Just, this time, it was comically stupid instead of exasperatingly stupid. A joke here and there still fell completely flat but, overall, I had a fun time watching it.

How to choose? Teo great, FUNNY films from a legend. God Rest his soul!

I enjoyed The Naked Gun way more than Airplane!. Probably because it has more Lelsie Nielsen. Yeah, that's probably it. Bingo.

Two of my absolute favorite movies of all time. Both are top 20, but ultimately I can only choose one...

I actually laughed more times in Naked Gun, so I guess that gets the win for me.

Two of the absolute all-time classics. Naked Gun for delivering smarter laughs.

I don’t even know how anyone can pick Airplane!. Naked Gun was much better!

Both hilarious, but Leslie Nielson is the man, add some Ricardo Mantalban and I'm sold!


Two very funny films. I laughed more in Airplane!

While I have enjoyed Airplane!, I thought Naked Gun was much better and even funnier. That's perhaps because I'm on a Dirty Harry mood right now, but it even left me wanting more. Great movie.