The Imitation Game vs. The Theory of Everything



The two best acting performances of 2014.

I could talk about how similar these films are, both in composition and quality, and how both are somewhat overrated in my eyes. But ultimately, what separates these two are the performances of their two central actors (particularly the male leads) which are pretty much the only tangible justification for these films existing in the first place, aside from blayantly oscar-baiting themes and award-attracting British period drama production values. In that respect, Redmayne and Jones blow Cumberbatch and Knightley away. Easy win for The Theory of Everything. Both were worth the watch, but neither will be remembered as anything more than average biopics, with The Theory of Everything getting points for its utterly convincing and visceral portrayal of Motor Neurone Disease.

These two films are very good to compare. They're both biographies that the Oscars really like to dig up. However, I think The Imitation Games is a lot better in my opinion. I was way more engaged into the life of Alan Turing than Stephen Hawking, not that he was a more interesting person, but the script did a way more fantastic job at keeping the audience interested in what he was doing.

Quite coincidental that these were both released in the same year. The Imitation Game... but just barely.

I definitely hated both, wow!

I really liked both but I think The Imitation Game was just a little better.

I'll go Theory of Everything...

Imitation Game

The Imitation Game.

No contest whatsoever. The Imitation Game by lightyears.

The Imitation Game. The theory of everything somehow fails in making a compelling drama of Stephen Hawking's life.


The Imitation Game was more engaging in its script and style. Theory of Everything felt like Oscar bait.

I like the imitation game better as a movie, but Eddie Redmayne in Theory makes it hard to remember sometimes. He's so good, I'm almost not sure anymore... (Benedict was amazing too, but honestly compares to Eddie ...)