Twister vs. Titanic



Titanic sucked. Twister for the sake of it.

Titanic couldn't have sucked, it had Bill Paxton in it. Any movie with Paxton automatically doesn't suck. That's like a rule. While Twister does have more Paxton than Titanic, it doesn't have ANY James Cameron. Cameron turns Bill Paxton into Mega Bill Paxton or, in the cases of Aliens and True Lies, Ultra Mega Bill Paxton. Titanic's Mega Bill Paxton tops Twister's regular Bill Paxton, thus, Titanic wins this matchup. Game over, man! Game over!

Titanic is one of the all time great romantic epics Leo, Paxton and the beautiful Winslet amazing film.Twister was fun but Titanic is superb.

Twister has aged a bit. Titanic is the better overall experience...

Twister was not very good Titanic for sure

The last 45 minutes of Titanic still get to me. I like Twister more though.