Dark Passage vs. Rope



Two forgotten classics from the 40's. Rope for me.

No wrong answer here. Go see both twice and then watch both with friend's who haven't seen it.

Bogey and Bacall can't quite beat Jimmy and the Hitch.

I am ecstatic to find two people on this site that have seen Dark Passage.

Not even close for me. Dark Passage is my favorite of the Bogart/Bacall pairings and one of my favorite Bogarts. Rope is well down my Hitchcock list, though still around 70%

Both are great but I'll go with Rope

Hitchcock is the best film director, hands down. I am very fond of Jimmy Stewart. However Bogart and Bacall are the ultimate duo. Dark passage is my definitely my favourite of the four films they made, Dark Passage beats rope.