Arrival vs. Nocturnal Animals



Saw both in one day. Hard to choose. Though Arrival is just something else.


Nocturnal Animals is something else, also. Amy Adams should stop doing those stupid DCEU movies and focus only in quality dramas, or switch her paychecks to Star Wars/Marvel.

Two 2016 flicks starring Amy Adams and featuring a nonlinear plotline. Adams may have shone even more brightly in Arrival, but I'll take Gyllenhaal over Renner, and Nocturnal Animals haunted me for longer after I finished it.

I really enjoyed both but Arrival stuck with me much more after a single viewing so I'll go with that.

Jake Gyllenhaal was so good in nocturnal animals, but I didn't dig the rest of the movie.

Amy Adams is awesome in Arrival. Not so much in Nocturnal Animals.

Nocturnal Animals had a much bigger impact on me. While I thought Arrival was decent, I don't understand all the high praise it gets.

Arrival was good. But Nocturnal Animals is one of the greatest pieces of cinema ever made.

Villeneuve can do no wrong...

arrival is good nocturnal animals is bad amy adams is angelic.


Amy Adams was great in both films but I preferred Nocturnal Animals for its artful impact.