Terminator Genisys vs. Terminator: Dark Fate



Dark Fate is great but Genisys is worst Terminator movie all time


Dark Fate is more of the video game bullshit as Genisys, and is almost as bad, but at least it has somewhat better plot.

Total Suckage. When Genisys is the better movie you know it's time to stop with the Terminators.

Dark Fate is tired and forgettable with many logical errors. Genisys is just plain insulting to the viewer!

I liked Dark Fate! It had a Terminator flavor, though of course it was far from perfect. But that's because you can't follow up perfection (i.e., T2) with anything that has a hope of living up to it. (Man, bring back The Sarah Connor Chronicles; that show was great.)

I actually didnt mind Genisys, dark fate was ok but more boring

Genisys>Dark Fate

I'll jump on the genisys train, myself. I found Dark Fate to be more aggravating and disappointing. I hate what they did with John Connor in Genisys, but at least it is more enjoyable throughout than Dark Fate. Dark Fate's first act was incredible- let alone just the first scene - yet the film floundered from there and I was just waiting, impatiently for it to end. That being said - T2 > Terminator > Genisys > Dark Fate > Salvation > Rise of the Machines.

Dark Fate is a fairly coherent, competently made, well acted movie, but it's also bland and just not very interesting. On the other hand, Genisys is a hot mess and it's all over the place, but I have a ton of fun with it.

somehow genyshits is better