Batman & Robin vs. Godzilla



Damn... first vote for Batman I think...


Agreed, this is one of the first matchups to Batman & Robin where I had to stop and think...

This sucks. But Godzilla wasn't fucking Batman and Robin

Well, Batman & Robin is amusing with its terrible dialogue and plot, but at least it has that saving grace. Godzilla relies too heavily on (now dated) special effects to bother with a plot, besides the military failing to destroy a giant lizard, and blows up most of New York in the process.

Ill go Godzilla cant believe im saying that.

Godzilla was pretty entertaining.

say what you like about Godzilla, but at least they didn't put nipples on the giant lizard.

Godzilla wins here its a terrible movie for sure but its watchable unlike batman and robin after you seen it you want to forget about it, Arnold schwarzenegger was a bad choice for Mr freeze the ice man comth, cool party, chill, what killed the dinosaurs the ice age oh my god!!!!!!!!!!!! bane was ruined in the movie, robin in the movie was annoying as hell.

Batman & obin was terrible, but at least it was entertainingly terrible.