Once Upon a Time in the West vs. The Godfather Part II



Once Upon a Time in the West beats the second Godfather. It is so much more thought provoking and entertaining. Brings elements of action and adventure. It is my favorite Western of all time.

Two films that I absolutely love. The Godfather Part II gets my vote.

I fell asleep during the 1st 15 minutes of OUATITW. Anyway, I liked it upon rewatching and the film really has many many great scenes and acting and not to mention Ennio Morricone . But.. I couldn't say that I admired all the characters and I found some scenes quite awkward( like Cheyenne's sudden death at the end). It is nevertheless a great revenge tale & probably the most satisfying of them all, but some subplots didn't quite interest me. Godfather 2 on the other hand, is a film I thoroughly enjoy and I admire each and every aspect of it; hence it wins.

Don Corleone.

Defining moment: Leone’s second best > Coppola’s second best.

my vote is for Godfather 2 ...Really amazing ending scene!