Once Upon a Time in the West vs. The Godfather



wow! ok, let me think... it's the greatest western of all times vs the greatest crime film of all time. godfather for now

Another awesome matchup. The best crime film versus one of the best westerns. Godfather takes it.

Once Upon a Time in the West wins for sure, Godfather sucks because its too booring and slow. Once Upon a Time in the West does still have its popularity while Godfather has gone pretty amode. Once Upon a Time in the West does also have a better story, and better acting and music, while Godfather dosen't have much of story and bad acting. I can definitely understand that Godfather has lost it's popularity years ago and that people dosen't like it anymore. So Once Upon a Time in the West is the winner.

I sense a great disturbance in LordVader's head.

Godfather wins, but I did have to stop and think for a a minute. But a minute is all it took...

A very close matchup. I have to go with The Godfather. I much finer film. Even more enjoyable is that of Godfather, not to mention the gold class acting.

It's a fact. Indeed, the greatest mob-movie versus the greatest western. What isn't a fact is that Once Upon a Time is better. But if you ask me, it is ;)

Well it seems Vader admires the Godfather just as much as I enjoy Star Wars. But has the Godfather really lost popularity as he claims repeatedly? As for OUATITW, i like it but i do think that maybe Leone stretched things too far this time. I prefer his GBU.

Both top 40 films for me and both are masterpieces in every sense of the word. The Godfather has the edge.

TGF is deserving of its status, but I simply prefer OUATITW. It has such a rich plot. And don’t get me started with the score and cinematography. Plus, it’s the only time I can recall seeing Fonda play the role of the antagonist. Fine performance might I add.

Sorry! but, once upon a time in the west ¡Can't beat the best movie realize. i mind THE GODFATHER



I prefer The Godfather epic.

Both are very strong technically, though The Godfather has the stronger acting, and "West" the more legendary score. For now I'll take the barren beauty of "West."