Once Upon a Time in the West vs. Pulp Fiction



Once Upon a Time in the West. Just wins. Pulp Fiction comes really close.

Pulp Fiction here. Pure entertainment and humorous moments.

once upon a time in the west is so better than the overated pulp fiction

Pulp....but this is a hell of a match up...

Hard one. Pulp Fiction has sort of outstayed its welcome, like anything that stresses gimmicks and style over content. If I hear someone quote that hamburger or Marvin line again, I fucking swear. But OUaT has to be one of Leone's worst, with its dumb, arbitrary plotting, bad editing (characters seemingly teleport around), and flimsy character development. (This worked in other Leone films because all we needed to know is "these guys are bastards who are out for themselves", with varying degrees of bastardiness. Here motivation is a little more murky, in a way that's not compelling.) In the grand scheme of things, it's not like it's BAD, but it's just totally mystifying to me how many people seem to think it's Leone's masterpiece.

Once Upon a Time in the West is a worthy opponent, but Pulp Fiction reigns supreme.

JC13 said it perfectly. Once Upon a Tim in the West is the 2nd greatest Western but it is hardly good enough IMO, to beat PF which is basically my favorite film (even though it isn't at #1 on my chart!) A better contest would be GBU vs PF but PF still wins


Pulp Fiction

Once Upon A Time in the West started off extremely strong, with immersive storytelling and visuals paired with a heartbreaking musical score, but it's ending left me disappointed in that it wasn't as surprising or fresh as I wanted it to be. It wasted many great characters like Cheyenne and Misses MacBain in favor of a shallow, final duel based on a backstory that only becomes known during said duel. Not awful by a long shot, and in my opinion one of the most visually interesting Westerns, but not even close to the storytelling powerhouse that is Pulp Fiction.

I don't even know how I can pick between these two movies. Everything is great in both Pulp Fiction and Once Upon A Time in the West. Believe it or not I'm picking Once but it's extremely close and can change.