Once Upon a Time in the West vs. 12 Angry Men



Do you like your Henry Fonda saintly or all out evil?

I prefer him evil. But then I think 12 Angry Men is the better film.

Its funny because he looks evil in the 12 angry men poster (italian).

12 Angry Men is definitely the better movie.

12 Angry Men. Tough call...two of Fonda's best...

Fonda is spectacular in both. I just watched 12AM for the first time and it blew me away, it was amazing. Once Upon a Time in the West however is a top 20 film for me. Leone's film gets the win.

Good Fonda vs. Evil Fonda, Tough one.

There aren't many truly flawless films out there. 12 Angry Men is one of them. Love both though. In the end, 12 Angry Men is a top 10 whereas Once Upon a Time in the West is currently a top 20.

Both great Fonda films but I'll go with 12 Angry Men