Shakespeare in Love vs. William Shakespeare's Romeo + Juliet



Two great Shakespeare movies, but I give the edge to the Oscar winner for Best Picture for its playfulness.

Here's a battle where one respects Shakespeare and one that desecrates him. Hmmm.....

"Shakespeare in Love"! I never really liked "Romeo + Juliet" for some reason.

I watched both of these movies in my 8th grade English class, and really enjoy both of them. They are cute, playful modern Shakespeare tales.

Shakespeare in Love all the way.


I prefer the modern DiCaprio/ Danes version of Romeo + Juliet with the great soundtrack and artful visuals.

This ought to tell you just how fucking bad Shakespeare in Love is.

I absolutly love shakespear in love, fantastic film, Romeo and Juliet is just okay.

Oh lord. How EVER will I choose between these two AMAZING movies. It is just so... so IMPOSSIBLE. >_<

I don't hate Romeo + Juliet, but I'm definitely not a Baz Lurhman fan (one reason why I have no interest in The Great Gatsby film coming out later this year). I'll definitely side with Shakespeare in Love here.

Shakespeare in Love has some flaws but not as many as Luhrman's Romeo and Juliet.