Mud vs. Oblivion



Well, I liked Mud better. Maybe it's because Oblivion gave me no one to care much about. I kind of liked the idea behind it, but not the execution. By the time Morgan Freeman gets involved my enjoyment of the film all but evaporated. A very pretty, dramatically empty movie. With very little in the way of exciting action scenes. Mud is about guys with Southern accents who are handy and possess manly integrity. Also, the women in their lives think they're kind of stupid, it seems. Anyway, it passed the time.

Oblivion was alright, but nothing noteworthy in the world of sci-fi films. Okay twists, okay acting, okay action, okay everything. The visuals and sound design were pretty spectacular though, so I guess I'll give it credit for that. Mud was very good, though not as great as a lot of people make it out to be. Some of its story elements and dialogue were a bit pretentious, which slightly ruined the film for me. Still, it's one of the better films I saw last year, while Oblivion was just decent.

Two of my top favorites from 2013. Oblivion was the one that surprised me. It's the underrated one here. But Mud is just a bit better.

I just watched Mud recently. It was really good. I think I'm going to give Oblivion it's first win though.