Alice in Wonderland vs. Maleficent



both bad movies but maleficent has redeeming qualities mainly Angelina Jolie

I rather enjoyed AiW. A little quirky, but entertaining. Maleficent had its moments, but there was so much more potential in the inversion that they missed. The pixies in particular were cringe worthy.

Both were more disappointing than bad. Didn't hate either, but didn't especially like either. I pick Alice In Wonderland, though both of these had a lot of untapped potential.

Alice in Wonderland. Tim Burton is more talented than Robert Stromberg. Both movies are tripped up by poorly constructed scripts by Linda Woolverton (Beauty and the Beast) and an over abundance of CGI. Still, the talents of their casts shine through. Alice has stronger characterizations in my opinion and I thought it was dazzling up until the last third of the movie. Maleficent was a giant missed opportunity.

I preferred Maleficent. Angelina Jolie plays her role brilliantly. This film tells the same story differently wheras AIW tells the same story the same way

Alice in wonderland definetely i think its very well done i mean is not the best fairy tale adaptation but still is very good and entertaining also helena bonham carter is great in the role

I have to go with the live action remake version of Alice in Wonderland with Johnny Depp. Maleficent is awful.

They both have some of the same strengths. And they both have some of the same glaring flaws. Though I might agree it's slightly "better", Alice is too weird for my taste. I dunno; these are nearly on the same level for me.

Maleficent was rubbish, but Alice in Wonderland was a steaming pile of shit. So Maleficent wins.