Alice in Wonderland vs. Alice in Wonderland



For real? You cannot even compare the two of them. The animated version owns the Burton version, and its not even close.

Ugh. So sick of Tim Burton movies. I second Movie_Collector's comment wholeheartedly.

I third it.

I didn't hate the live action movie like a lot of people did, but I'll still admit that the 1951 version is the superior one.

I really wanted to love Tim Burton's Alice In Wonderland. Ultimately, it just wasn't fun enough. And it definitely wasn't weird enough. For some reason, it felt relatively straight forward, and it was immensely strange how UN-strange the movie was. The visuals were outstanding though, I'll give it that. The 1951 version of the same tale isn't a masterpiece like some insist it is, but it's entertaining, and has some vary clever bits. Neither film is particularly engaging, but the 1951 version is the better adaption.

In my opinion, there's no contest whatsoever. I love the original Alice in Wonderland. I love the imagery, music, animation and how imaginatively wacky it is. The Burton version, on the other hand, is just dull. Although it looks good, it makes too much sense, and has way too little imagination put in (you would think that's where Burton would do really well!). For me, there's no contest. It's the '51 film.


Yeah, no. The original Alice in Wonderland is 10 times better than Tim Burton's shit pile.

lol, i'm not even a big fan of the original animation and i love tim burton, but there's no way i'd go for one of the worst movies of the last decade.

Alice on Alice action...hmmmmm.