Antz vs. The Prince of Egypt



Can two supposed underrated DreamWorks classics be overrated? If so, these two are. Only one thing sticks with me from either of these pieces of trash and that's the animated hieroglyphics bit in The Prince of Egypt, so I'm going with it.

I remember both of these very well growing up. I loved both of them as a kid, so this is tough.

Prince of Egypt is way better.

Prince of Egypt is very good!

Whiny, ugly "nice guy" ant accidentally incites a communist revolution while trying to bone a princess VS the story of Moses with some of the best animation and music I've seen in an American feature. HMMM.

Prince of Egypt

Antz is one of my favorite animated films. While the Oscars mainly introduced me to some of Woody Allen's films like Annie Hall and Midnight in Paris which still remain some of my favorite comedies, this was the first film I saw that had his involvement. And while he's definitely a very controversial guy, there's still no denying the impact he left on cinema especially with the neurotic type of voice he usually has that has made the neurotic character one of the most popular. And yeah this is one of my favorite DreamWorks films because of how funny it is. The animation while dated, is still pretty impressive, I like the story, the acting from almost everyone is pretty much as great a cast as you can get. Sharon Stone, Sylvester Stallone, Gene Hackman, Jennifer Lopez, Anne Bancroft, Dan Aykroyd and much more (Although as much as I love Christopher Walken he sadly seems out of place). While the villain is not as strong as Hopper from A Bug's Life, he is still interesting and overall I do think this is better than A Bug's Life. I'll be honest about Prince of Egypt When I was a little kid, I didn't like Prince of Egypt because I felt it was hammering biblical messages too hard and I was not into religion and it didn't really matter to me. And now I'm not necessarily the most religious person nowadays. But watching it again. Not only is this the best of DreamWorks' offerings, but this is probably one of my favorite animated films period. The acting is great, the drama is something similar to Schindler's List, the animation is gorgeous, the music is beautiful, the songs are great, the pacing is great. While the comedy is not the best and Antz certainly has the stronger comedy, Prince of Egypt is not meant to be a comedy. It's meant to be a biblical epic drama and is succeeds. In a world where most religious animation is mainly just shit even though I haven't seen most of them yeah it's still shit from what I see or hear and I assume because of the clips, this is a movie that get's you out of nowhere when you have low expectations but it exceeds and it soars. It just missed the top 3 which are all from Pixar and you can see what my top 3 are on my list. (#2 you'll be shocked is actually just short of my favorite film which is animated) As much as I love Antz because of the comedy, the spectacular voice cast and the message, Prince of Egypt is the stronger film because of how well it exceeds your expectations. Both are some of my favorite animated films of all-time but Prince of Egypt is stronger.