Night of the Living Dead vs. Night of the Living Dead



on 12/5/2009

Original - cheesy but terrifying!

on 10/28/2010

I just re-watched these 2 recently and though the 1968 classic is awesome,the 1990 re-make remains my favorite.

on 10/29/2010

Shameless self-promotion: Check out the Flickchart blog for Reel Rumbles #24, where I pit these two against one another.

on 1/25/2011

Something I NEVER say, but I liked the remake much better. It took the story from Night, and just enhanced the production values making it the true gem the original always was suppose to be, but couldn't because it was too cheesy, and dated. The remake is monumental.

on 9/15/2012

Possibly the most unnecessary and redundant remake ever, besides maybe Psycho. Ok, so the broken spine scene was pretty good, and it's got this grrrrl power slant that totally reverses the sexism of the original, but don't make a movie every time you have a neat gore idea or get a twinge of hipster white/male guilt.

on 10/27/2012

The original of course. At least it didn't have a guy shooting a gun right at a gas pump. Stupid, stupid decision.

on 8/26/2017

Night of the Living Dead the original was more shocking and has a bit better creep out atmosphere!