Whip It vs. Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones



Well, when Yoda sparks up the sabre and goes all spinning madman on Count Dooku, that... that meant something to me. Unfortunately, nothing in the entire prequel series equals the grandeur of that moment, and certainly nothing in Attack of the Clones comes close. But even Yoda being unleashed by modern movie magic doesn't really amount to much in the actual movie. Whip It is a simple tale about roller derby and finding yourself that doesn't have any grand moments, but it made me feel good inside. I was happy to see Ellen Page not being snotty and pregnant, as well. Drew Barrymore has captured her own little bit of magic that George Lucas and his souless CGI machine have lost sight of. Yeah, that's right.


There again Whip it was fun but Clones was too good to lose here.

Episode 2 is pretty much trash, yes it took a lot of work to make. But whip it is a much more solid story