Prometheus vs. The Dark Knight Rises



Neither movie really lived up to expectations, in my opinion. That being said, The Dark Knight Rises was still (mostly) satisfying, whereas Prometheus didn't really bring the goods.

The Dark Knight Rises blew me away, Prometheus was good but disappointing.

The Dark Knight Rises for it's raw emotion.

Both were disappointments, but "Prometheus" at least had some great scenes. I can't remember a single truly great scene from "The Dark Knight Rises."

Dark Knight Rises had more memorable performances, fr less stupidity, and didn't feel like a style-over-substance experience. Aside from Fassbender, there wasn't really a lot for Prom to offer

So what will be the sequel to Prometheus be called? Prometheus Rises? Lame joke aside, Prometheus had a lot of "wait, what?"-moments. Like how are the scientists able to get lost if they have their exact coordinates and if the ship has a detailed map? And how come one of those scientists is scared of a bunch of dead aliens, but seems to love a living, clearly dangerous alien snake? Those things are much more annoying than "how did Bruce Wayne come back?". The Dark Knight Rises for me.

will the sequel*

TDKR, although I love Prometheus

Each had some serious problems, including plot holes, but both had strong performances and were enjoyable in spite of (or maybe to an extent because of?) their faults. TDKR, although Prometheus gave me more to think about, and had the strongest performance of the two movies, from Fassbaender.

My two biggest disappointments of 2012. Prometheus was dumb. I mean, fucking dumb. I didn't hate it. It was entertaining and I think the sequel has the potential to kick ass, but this one could have been SO much better. Rises is my second-least-favorite movie of Nolan's, ahead of Following. Pacing's off, some of the speechified dialogue made me was just a disappointment after how entertaining The Dark Knight was. Hardy's Bane is what kept me into the whole thing. That was a fun performance. Rises was the less disappointing of the two, so I guess it wins.


Loved both. I truly did not expect to love Prometheus as much as I did. I have never been a huge fan of the Alien films, but Prometheus was fantastic, and right now, I'm picking it over the thrilling "Rises".

Prometheus for me. It has grown on me pretty well.

Dark knight rises

These are literally right next to each other on my chart. Right now it's the DKR...but this can and might change....

Liked Prometheus. Loved Rises.

Liked Pro but Rises for me

It's hard for me to look at TDKR without thinking how badly Bane sucked. It's hard for me to look at Prometheus without thinking how badly Ridley Scott sucked. But Ridley's suckiness was far better than Bane's.

Rises is just to amazing to lose out to Prometheus. I've never gotten the hate towards TDKR...

The worst of the Dark Knights. It drags on and on which is why I kind it the worst. While saying that though, So does Prometheus. The difference? Prometheus had a better story and was a prequel to the second best sci-fi movies ever. It wins. The first is Terminator of course.

Yeah I don't love either of them. Both are okay. I'll take Batman.

Both pretty much on the same level, deeply flawed. Prometheus just by a bit.

deeply flawed my ass, TDKR by far

Franchise enders that completely shit the bed. Both of these are awful. Most agree.

Mildly enjoyed Prometheus, not a close match at all. TDKR by far