Fantastic Mr. Fox vs. The Grand Budapest Hotel



My two favorite Wes Anderson films. Even though The Grand Budapest Hotel may have been a cinematic masterpiece, I feel a closer emotional connection to the Fantastic Mr. Fox. This could change after rewatches, however.

Two amazing Anderson films. My vote goes to Fantastic Mr. Fox, probably because Grand Budapest is fresh in my mind and I've seen Fox many times. Both masterpieces though.

Both are at the bottom of my Wes Anderson list but I got to go Budapest

Now Mr Fox is at bottom

Really Tough But Grand Budapest Is Just Barely Better.

Grand Budapest Hotel didn't do it for me. I saw Mr. Fox before I knew who Wes Anderson was and even then I ranked it high on my favorites list. The Academy didn't nominate Grand Budapest for best picture because it was truly the first Anderson picture worthy of the award, but rather because they woke up the morning before the vote and realized 'Hey we've never nominated a Wes Anderson film We better go ahead and give to whatever the new one was this year so we can get that out of the way'. Tenenbaums, Darjeeling, even Rushmore all deserved the honor even more than Budapest in my opinion.