Lethal Weapon 2 vs. Lethal Weapon



I think my head is going to explode.

The original is better. With the introduction of obnoxious Joe Pesci, Lethal Weapon 2 was the beginning of a crappy spell.

I like the one where Mel Gibson goes crazy...


The Original is where Mel Gibson really shined. The sequel started the series slow decline.

In my mind, these two are nearly equal. It is the introduction of Pesci (and knowing how, in the third and fourth films, he gets REALLY frikkin' annoying) that brings LW2 down a notch.

The reason there were two more sequels is because the second one is almost as good as the first. Almost as good. so i'm picking the original.

What a great one two punch... the second perfectly plays off and builds from the first.

Pesci was a funny asshole/loser ! Meh, haters gon' hate, right?

I didn't mind Pesci either. I quite liked him, actually. Re: Ellemac - I don't like it as much, but LW2 definitely did a good job at building upon the first. Little things like kitchen conversations between Riggs and Roger's wife make you feel like these guys are actually family. Nowadays, they can't do the "buddy" part of a buddy cop movie right, so it was always cool to see a movie do it right. Shane Black knows his shit.

Make it 9-0 here, Flickchart. The second was great fun, but the first was legendary.

Finally this matchup happens! Love them both. I don't agree with any of the haters on here. 2 is awesome, 4 is awesome and 3 is pretty good. Of course Weapon 2 isn't better than the Original since Lethal Weapon is 2 on my list!

Lethal Weapon 2


The first one is better, the second one is more comedic.

Just flat out awesomeness times two.

I prefer the serious nature of the original and that’s where Mel really shines. Lethal Weapon 2 is really good in its own right. The acting, the action and the dialogue are great. But I just find the story of the first more engaging and the characters seem more fleshed out in that film!