A Night to Remember vs. Titanic



Watching these two, you soon realise that Titanic not only ripped off huge chunks of dialogue and even whole scenes from A Night to Remember, it tacked on an unnecessary syrupy love story of the worst kind to pad its length to three hours. Even the special-effects in A Night to Remember, a film 40 years older, are comparable. The older film is much, much better and more affecting.

I didn't like Titanic but it still better than Titanic.

Both are good and tell important parts of the story well, but I personally prefer the more restrained A Night to Remember.

Easy decision. A Night to Remember's story of courage and decency easily outweighs the hysterical, rather silly, soap opera of Titanic, even if the FX of the earlier film can't compare.

I can rewatch Titanic every month, it's one of my guilty pleasure. But as a film, A Night to Remember is a masterpiece compared to the James Cameron one.