Paranormal Activity 4 vs. Paranormal Activity 3



The girl in 4 is very pretty so i guess it wins. But they're both....just....awful.

4 was pretty boring but the end of 3 wasnt too bad it wins for me

3 wins here for me I don't hate these films though

I like both but the little kid in 4was creepy and the hot girl in 4 wins this.

I found the mythology-building in PA3 to be very disappointing, but the film isn't so bad otherwise; it has several good scares and engaging characters. PA4 takes that vague, stupid back-story and basically just amps it up and runs in a circle with it. Woeful.

4 was awful. The series died completely when they made the fourth film. Should have stopped at 3. However, after the first film, they have cotton progressively worse.