Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas vs. Fight Club



Fear and Loathing is the greatest book ever, but Fight Club is the perfect balance of comedy, quotability, and violence. There is no shame for Fear and Loathing to lose to Fight Club, the greatest film ever made.

Fear and Loathing has the better beginning, Fight Club has the better end. I just watched Fight Club, so I guess I'll go with that right now.

I never get tired of watching Fear and Loathing, I do get tired of watching Fight Club.

"Fight Club" is dearly overrated, in my opinion. I can't speak for the novel, but the movie doesn't hold a candle to other macho-identity-thrillers like "American Psycho", which is a vastly superior film in every conceivable way. "Fear and Loathing", in contrast, is one of the most *underrated* American movies of the past 15 years. Great satire, cutting much deeper than "Fight Club" ever dreamed.

I have to give it to Fight Club. Sorry, Mr. Depp.

Yep, 'Fight Club' all the way. 'Fear and Loatthing' is very interesting. But is just that, interesting. 'Fight Club' is better plotted and just a tad easier to watch and digest. Both are fantastic films, but I think 'Fight Club' just makes a more cohesive package.

Fight Club. There's only s long one can watch two people be stoned out of their minds.

Fear and Loathing is a lot better than it receives credit for, but...Fight Club deserves its hype. They both give serious subjects a good dose of comedy, though, and the gesture makes them both more easily rewatchable than without it.

Fear and Loathing is favourite film of all time. Fight Club is my second.

Fear And Loathing. Fight Club was a one-watch-only movie.

I really loved Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, but Fight Club's 2nd place on my chart.

Fight Club wins for having the better plot. While I can see what the film makers were going for with Las Vegas, it just kinda turns in a big blob of "what" by the end.

Fight Club's plot works better and resonates more.