Jurassic Park III vs. Jurassic World



Jurassic World.

Wait a fucking minute...Jurassic World ? I'm a jerk!

You can call it of 'Flickchart Frenzy'.

Jurassic World. Although, being better than JP3 isn't really that great of a merit.

Jurassic World is much, much more enjoyable. It's far from perfect, but it is definitely an exciting romp in a way JP III never came close to touching.

I actually like Jurassic Park III, but World is more fun.

Jurassic World is much better. JP3 is funnily entertaining, though Trevorrow's flick is better.

I don't mind Jurassic Park III but it's still very average. Jurassic World was a lot better.

Jurassic World, but Jurassic Park III isn't bad.

I has to change my mind. "Jurassic World" was meh actually. "Jurassic Park III" isn't very good, but still fun. I never really gets anything on the beginning of "Jurassic World". It's cliché not interesting. I never gets the love for Owen Brady. Pratt was awesome, but the character still a bit boring, hm ? Bryce Dallas Howard was very bad and overused. It looks like a bad John Hammond. Ty Simpkins and the other teen boy are overused. The dinosaurs aren't great things. "Jurassic Park III" is usually underrated. Isn't THAT bad. Isn't even bad. Sam Neill was great. Spinosaurus was great. Cameos was great. Macy wasn't bad. Trevor Morgan was tolerable. Even though the story isn't very good, "Jurassic World" just used "Jurassic Park: Builder" idea. It's predictable. Dinosaurs are intelligent. Dinosaurs has escape. The Tyranosaurus Rex save the day (with Mosasaurus help thought). "Jurassic Park III" is a fun ride into the island B, a perfect conclusion to the trilogy. "Jurassic World" is a forgettable waste of time that just realized Hammond dream, it has to be ignored.

Jurassic World is flawed but fun. JP III is just bad.

Any film where the T-Rex is shamelessly killed off is an automatic fail. Jurassic World automatically wins the round.

Jurassic World, definitely. I just couldn't find any enjoyment in JP3 whatsoever.

@thejamin: Dr. Grant.

Jurassic world

I love the franchise so it's a win win

Jurassic World is a bit less dopey, so I guess that makes it the winner.

Which one had dinosaurs in it

I hate both. The writing in both is so embarrassing, the characters are so boring and the story is so non-existent to the point where it felt like they just shot storyboards instead of shooting with an actual script. World is awful! Bad acting, no reason for me to be attached to the characters instead of "Look they’re running away from Dinosaurs", practical effects replaced by cartoon-ish CGI, plot inconsistences and some of the worst writing in cinema! It’s a movie designed to be "fun" and to "make money" and nothing else resulting in the lamest Jurassic Park to date!

Maybe they will get a writer for these films one day...

Jurassic World was better unique...

Jurassic World>Jurassic Park III


Jurassic World was a step up but not by much.

Jurassic World by lightyears

For me jurassic world is much better

Jurassic Park III is my favorite of the sequels but it is still mediocre, but I will take it over any of the new trilogy movies, all of them were garbage.