Grave of the Fireflies vs. My Neighbor Totoro



The two movies were originally presented as a double feature. This biggest mistake for me was that Grave of the Fireflies was presented AFTER My Neighbour Totoro. Why after being happy watch a very sad one?

One is good and one is unforgettable. You be the judge...

Personally I think Totoro is one of the weaker Ghibli films. Grave of the Fireflies is stunningly beautiful and heartbreaking.

It's extremely close, but (for the moment) I like My Neighbor Totoro just a bit better. Grave of the Fireflies is impressive but, damn, it is one depressing film.

Totoro is cute and iconic Ghibli, but Grave of the Fireflies is De Sica neorealism in anime form - a towering achievement that is one of the most devastating films ever made. Yes, it's depressing, but depressingly humanist. A masterpiece vs. a good Ghibli film - not a contest.

Grave of the Fireflies, and it's not even close. Totoro has it's moments, but in the end, it has absolutely no substance to it. Grave of the Fireflies is, by far, the most thought-provoking Ghibli movie I've ever seen. GotF has much more of a reason for being.

Slightly one sided here. Both are fantastic films from Studio Ghibli and I think they are practically as good as each other. I'll go with Totoro for now as its not so depressing, but uplifting and heartwarming instead.

Both are amazing, but Grave of the Fireflies is pretty cliche and depressing.

GotF is the winner.

Totoro for sure

GotF wins

Both are masterpieces from Miyazaki, but I love the cute innocence of Totoro just a bit more than Grave of the Fireflies.