Grave of the Fireflies vs. Spirited Away



Spirited Away, I'd rather watch.

Spirited away is more beautiful and extravagant than Grave of the Fireflies in my opinion.

C'mon Flickcharters, lift up your game! This is an ultimate matchup of two of Studio Ghibli's finest masterworks. While I currently prefer Spirited Away by a LONG, LONG, LONG shot, I did recently re-watch a bit of Grave of the Fireflies to find it wrecking me the way it seems to wreck everyone, so my vote could change in the near future. Hell of a matchup though.

Gotta go Grave...gut punch.

Oh, yeah, certainly Grave. That movie makes my ovaries hurt.

Absolutely Studio Ghibli's two best films. And Spirited Away is certainly a masterpiece, but the the raw emotional power of Grave of the Fireflies is something I had never experienced before, and for that I have to give it to Grave.

i love both, but i prefer miyazaki to takahata here

I love the beautiful fantasy of Spirited Away more than the brutality of Grave.


Two greatest anime films of all time. Studio Ghibli is the gods of anime. They know how to make anime movies


Hardest choice ever... Spirited away wins.


HARDEST CHOICE EVER AYKWM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! JUST GIVE ME A FEW CENTURIES TO THINK ABOUT THIS... spirited away wins. Definitely the hardest choice ever. The two greatest animated films/studio Ghibli films/anime films in history. This was crazy hard. Never ask me this question again. This was the godlikely hardest one ever possible for me. Omg i need to rest. Gotta be the longest sentence by me so far

Wow! My two favorite anime films of all time! But Spirited away is still the best of them. And still my favorite animated film. A legendary film in general

I watched Grave after Totoro expecting some more of that whimsical feel-good magic. Dude, i was absolutely unprepared for the assault that was about to be launched on my tear glands. Grave has to win it here. It's just too courageous a story to tell.