Suspicion vs. Rebecca



Her back-to-back films with Hitchcock provided Joan Fontaine with the highlights of her career, and she's great in both of them. Unfortunately, Suspicion is hobbled with a lame conclusion, so I go with Rebecca.

I know Suspicion is often criticized for having an ending that differs greatly from the novel on which it's based, but I must wholeheartedly disagree with those complaining. The movie is FAR more interesting if Joan Fontaine's character's suspicions turn out to be, for the most part, unfounded. Fontaine is great in both films, although it is funny how similar the two characters (and her performances, for that matter) are. Overall, I found Suspicion's story to be enjoyable, but a bit clumsily told. It simply doesn't hold a candle to the genuinely great Rebecca.

I agree wholeheartedly with nclysander on the cheesy ending of Suspicion. Fontaine is brilliant in both films but Rebbecca is clearly superior.

I like Caesar loved the ending to Suspicion and I didn't expect it at all. Fontaine is indeed great in both films. Rebecca has the edge in my book, but both are must see films form Hitchcock.

Another easy win for Rebecca...

I recently watched a lot of Hitchcock movies, and Rebecca is one of my favorites. Suspicion did have it's moments, but Rebecca is better on every level.