Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen vs. Spider-Man 3



Wish there was a "both are crap" button

Hahaha "would you prefer to be punched in the face or the groin?"

Wow! Do I really have to choose? Both...SO...BAD...

Emo dancing or minstrel-bots? Crap.

At least I don't hate every character in Spider-Man 3...

Spider-Man 3 is (mostly) dumb fun. Transformers 2 is nigh unwatchable.

Spider-Man 3 wins by a long shot

Spider-Man 3 is far superior to every Transformers movie.

trashes that somehow makes tons of money in the box office

Good for nothing dried up shit stain on a down syndrome person\s underwear

Anyone who's honest should acknowledge that SM3 has a lot more going for it than any kind of michael bay trashfire, imo