Double Indemnity vs. Out of the Past



Here are two of the more notable films noir from the 1940s. I found Out of the Past to be a thoroughly unremarkable movie. Double Indemnity, on the other hand, is film noir at its finest. No contest here.

Personally, I think Out of the Past is a bit better than what Caesar said. However, I agree that Double Indemnity is much better.

I concur.

Both of these noirs provide classic examples of the femme fatale, brilliant dialogue, and probably the best examples of narration in the genre. I need to rewatch Out of the Past as I was sleepy when I saw it and that made parts of it rather hard to follow (I still don't understand what the nightclub owner had to do with anything), but for now I'm giving this to Double Indemnity just for Edward G. Robinson's brilliant supporting performance in what is NOT a stock noir role, and because it is simply less convoluted.

Both are great, but the edge goes to Double Indemnity...