Double Indemnity vs. Chinatown



No one's commented on this matchup? Classic noire vs seventies neo-noire (depending on the definition anyway, the movie was made in the seventies but set in the noire period). Either way, it's interesting. Chinatown is awesome but Double Indemnity may just be the best noire ever after Maltese Falcon so it gets the win here.

As far as films noir go, I'd put Double Indemnity at the very top of the list, just ahead of The Maltese Falcon. Chinatown can't hang with either one of these films.

Oh goodness... this is a legendary matchup. I love them both and have both in my top 20. I personally think that Chinatown's story is richer while Double Indemnity's script is tighter. Acting is equal in my opinion. Just two great films going at it. I give Chinatown the slight edge due to the mystery surrounding the story and plot. I love mystery, and I love film noir. Put them together, and you have the perfect collaboration. That's what Chinatown is to me. It's a shame that I'm only the third person to comment on this duel. People rather talk about The Avengers vs. The Dark Knight. :-(

Double Indemnity is the best noir I've ever seen.....hands down.

I honestly liked Chinatown so much more.

Double Indemnity is my favorite Noir. Chinatown is amazing too.

Chinatown all the way.

Two films that are very nearly perfect. I pick Chinatown, but I won't respect myself in the morning.

double indemnity by a hair

I don't like Fred MacMurray.