Double Indemnity vs. Casablanca



I refuse to believe that NO ONE has commented on this epic showdown of two of the most classic movies in all of Hollywood. I simply don't believe it! Both have unavoidable romances that were inevitably doomed to fail. For me, Casablanca struck me harder than DI. It stuck with me more as well. I don't think any movie has had me more emotionally engaged than Casablanca. And for that reason, I choose Casablanca. Oh, and it's my number one movie too. Come on folks, get off the Avengers vs. TDK polls and weigh in on a much finer duel.

Casablanca has many more iconic moments, so it's fair to say that its highs top Double Indemnity's highs. Still, Double Indemnity is more consistently great from beginning to end so, overall, I'd call it the better film.

Undoubtedly two of the greatest films of the 1940's. both appear in my top 100, and both feature some electric dialogue and brilliant performances. I've gotta give the edge to Double Indemnity though.

Double Indemnity.

Masterpieces for sure. Two of the most iconic and most influential films. Sure, "The Maltese Falcon" established the film-noir genre but its Billy Wilder's "Double Indemnity" that defines the genre. "Casablanca", needless to say, is one of the greatest films ever made. I guess I will give it the slight edge.

I love Double Indemnity a bit more than Casablanca.

Yeah Casablanca is the greater film but I prefer DI.

Nope. Double Indemnity is still my #1 film of all time - you're not going to beat it, Casablanca.

Wow, is this a hard one. Both are top ten for that decade, top fifty all time. Maybe even top twenty all time. I've sat here for ten minutes trying to decide, and finally, I had to ask myself which film would I pick if I had to choose one to never see again. And I decided... Double Indemnity. Casablanca with the narrowest of wins.

Double Indemnity is the better constructed film, plus establishes the idea of a film noir. But Casablanca just grips my heart every time.

I have recently watched both of these films, and although I understand why so many people look at Casablanca with such love, I however enjoyed Double Idemnity more. It held my attention throughout the entire film, which was more than Casablanca did. So DI all the way.

Difficult match up, but I will give it to Casablanca by the slimmest of margins.

Today double indemnity wins for me someday casablanca will