Red vs. The Expendables



Both had the same old ppl kicking ass thing going on but RED is a much better movie. Stallone and co kicking ass is badass but John Malkovich & Helen Mirren kicking ass takes it to another level!!

If this were just an ass kicking contest then The Expendables would be the winner. As it is, though, the better by far movie is Red.

Red was much better than Expendables. Great story and a bunch of fun....

Neither movie was really that good, but Red actually had a story.

I was mildly disappointed with The Expendables... Red on the other hand, exceeded my expectations

The Expendables was borderline crap while Red kept me mildly amused throughout. I think that I'd like to see Helen Mirren busting caps over Stallone any day. I'm still surprised at how weak The Expendables ended up considering the ass-kicking firepower the cast was capable of. Why they wasted Jet Li on the stupid fight with Dolph Lundgren (that was totally pointless) is beyond me. They both should've been out there fighting the real bad guys. That whole part of the movie was completely misguided. Red all the way.

Agree with all of the above...Expendables was a bit of a let down. Red had a creative story and had my interest throughout...