Spider-Man vs. Jurassic Park



Hard decision, but i will have to give this one to Jurassic Park. For the first time computer created monster looked real.

Jurassic Park is the easy winner in my book.


Imagine Jeff Goldblum as the Green Goblin? Hell, a conversation with him as the Goblin would go as follows: "Uh...Peter? Uhh...don't tell, uh...Harry." or even "Sorry I'm, uh...late. Work was, uh...killer."

I love Jeff Goldblum

Who doesn't? But anyway, Spider-Man is more fun. Jurassic Park just bores me, suprisingly(?). Although it's pretty hilarious that the 2002 Spider-Man somehow has worse CGI than the 1993 Jurassic Park.

Fuck you, Tobey McGuire. Whoa, maybe that's an overreaction.

Easily, easily....Jurassic Park.

The special effects in Jurassic Park aren't that bad, especially considering for the time that it came out. I just watched it again for the first time in about 10 years, and I swear I felt like a kid again with it. I even went and got a bowl of cereal, still in my pajamas, and watched the movie. Talk about nostalgia...

I watched Jurassic Park with my 4 year old nephew at Christmas, its his favorite movie. Think about how crazy that is, I saw that when I was a kid before Pixar was even a thought, but Jurassic Park stands on it's own to kids who have been exposed to it.

I bet you were more excited to watch it than he was.

Indeed, especially when I had to decide between Jurassic Park or Spongebob... again.

Jurassic park. Not even hard to chose from.

Jurassic park is sooo overrated. I agree with tyrion lannister, JP is really boring when the dinosaurs are not around.

Jurassic Park is better.

I love both but Spider-Man wins for me.

Spider-Man coming a boring terrible film over the years. It was the trilogy that don't lived up by Sam Raimi.

Yes I like Spider-Man but I love Jurassic Park.

Jurassic Park wrecks Spider-Man in every way.

Spider-Man is still king.

Jurassic park

Spider-Man is every bit the game changer but is also a better overall movie. Better characters that's for sure.