Spider-Man vs. Spider-Man 3



My prayers go out to anyone who would pick 'Spider-Man 3' over the original.

Spiderman by a long shot.

They screwed up Venom. I'm never going to forgive them for that.

Spider-Man 3 ruined the series for me...

I admit that Raimi was probably trying to do too much in 3, but this movie certainly doesn't ruin the series for me. I'm not a big comic book fan, so I can't comment on how different Venom is in film, but I loved what Raimi was doing with the character. The movie was full of rich symbolism, which should've been expected based on the first two movies. I've never read Raimi mention this in any interviews following 3, but after two viewings it seems obvious to me that he has Peter/Venom commit each of the 7 Deadly Sins - which explains that fairly silly, almost throw-away scene of him stuffing cookies in his mouth while he's on the phone and being rude to the landlord's daughter. Anyways, I think they overdid it with the Sandman character, but I can appreciate that Raimi wanted that forgiveness element in order for Peter to heal and grow. Personally, I enjoy the movie, but not as much as 1 & 2.

uh easy choice by far! Spider-man! part 3 was annoying, Venom looked crap so that was bad enough

Yeah, 3 was the worst of the lot.

I can't say I hate Spider-Man 3 as much as most. At the worst, it's as good a choice as any for bad-movie night. So many moments of unintentional hilarity. At least I think so. But I can't chose it over the original and best. Anyone that does must be subjected to an involuntary brain scan.

Mm, the first isn't the best. The second is. But the first is far superior to the third.

I really loved both of these movies but I'm going to say that the first one is better because without the first one the third wouldn't have made sense at all and also it did a great job of laying out the ground work where as Spider-man 3 killed off two important characters venom and Harry Osborn

spider mans gay spider pig is better dickheads

I mean look, Raimi asked for more time and since he didn't get it, we got what we got. But anyone who would pick the third over the original needs their head examined.

1 > 2 > 3

Neither is the best in the series; that would be Spider-Man 2, though TASM is in hot competition with 2. But of these, the original still wins without question, even if that is on the virtue of being less crap than 3 rather than being an especially good film (which I don't think it is, but I know I'm in a minority).

didn't like 1 that much but it's certainly better then 3.

As much as I don't like the Spider Man movies, the first one at the very least didn't repeat the same tropes from earlier films, as there weren't any. Spider Man 3 though, well, it recycled the tropes seen in the first two movies. And made Venom a dweeb. Defoe is brilliant compared to that.

The original rocks but the third one gets way too much fake hate. Damn fun trilogy.

Spider Man 3 was the worst of the series,Spider Man 2 was the best,But Spider Man 1 is much better than Spider Man3 in my opinion.

2 > 1 > 3

Now this is a tough call for Spider-Man 1 seems outdated compared to Spider-Man 3 but the latter is arguably worse then the original. I'll just side with the classic on this 1.

Spider-Man is still one of the most comic book origin stories of all time! Spider-Man 3 ruined what could've been a great trilogy!

Raimi DID deliver a great trilogy. The new Spidey has a lot to live up to.

Spider-Man 3 is decent, in my opinion, but the first film blows it away.

As for sure is the original stomps here.

Looking back, Spider-Man 3 is better than most want to admit. Yet, the original is and always will be a pure classic. Great trilogy Sammy.

Spider-Man 3 is underrated and might actually be more entertaining, but obviously the first one is better.

I used to like Spider-Man 3 more than 1, but looking back now, it is honestly one of the worst movies I have ever watched. Definitely on the list of top 5 worst superhero movies ever made.

Spider-Man 3 is nowhere near as bad as people always say; it's a good, albeit flawed movie, and a worthy conclusion to the trilogy as far as I'm concerned. Yes, obviously it doesn't stand a chance against either Spider-Man 1 or 2, but few contemporary superhero movies do, in my personal opinion.

Not really a lot to say about this one: Spidey 3 good, Spidey 1 (& 2) better imo.