Spider-Man vs. Pulp Fiction



Spider Man was cute. Pulp Fiction was memorable. Pulp Fiction wins.

'Pulp-Fiction' wins no doubt about it.

Pulp Fiction. Much more prominent film then Spider-Man.

Pulpy McFiction. Spider-Man is entertaining, but that CGI is so dated. Hell, even Jurassic Park which came out 9 years earlier had more convincing CGI.

Definitely Pulp Fiction. Both films were game changers when they came out, but for different reasons. The novelty from Spider-Man really wore off after the second sequel essentially killed the franchise and the flaws became more obvious to people in recent years, like the dated CG and pretty mediocre script. Pulp Fiction, while not quite as good as most people consider it (just my opinion), opened a lot of people's eyes on how to write a film and tell a story out of order. Not to mention the dialogue that will live in cinema history forever. Two very different films, hard to compare, but I would say Pulp Fiction is definitely superior.

Not sure why it put the comment to the left, meant to be for Pulp Fiction

Rate the movies. Rank the match-up. Do what you gotta do to get shot in order.

get *shit in order

Pulp Fiction...no contest.

I love great dialogue, and dialogue doesn't get much better than what was in Pulp Fiction. Spider-Man can't quite compete here...

I used to love spiderman, but it hasn't aged well. Thanks to Kate668 for showing me this. If you haven't seen Peter & Gwen- a bad lip reading of the amazing spiderman, it's on YouTube.

Spidey falls to QT here...

Pulp Fiction wins hands down. Tarantino's dialogue and memorable performances sleigh the bug...

Pulp Fiction by far. Jules kills Spider man! The dialogue, the directing, the acting, the story, the characters EVERYTHING in Pulp Fiction is superior to that of Spiderman

Spidey is awesome. One of the best simple actioners I've seen, even when it came out in 2002 I wasn't expecting it to be THAT good of a film. But apples and oranges, this is Pulp Fiction and the dialogue and editing get it through this matchup (not to mention performances).

I love Spider Man but I like Pulp Fiction more


Pulp Fiction by far

I will rewatch pulp fiction more in future days.i like spiderman i really like it and i think i like it more than pulp fiction but the question is which is a better movie i'll vote for pulp

Pulp fiction

I know I'm in the minority here, but I really don't think Pulp Fiction is all that special tbh. It's definitely good, and I can 'sort of' see why so many people like it so much, but as for me, I doubt it'll ever be one of my all-time favorites. Spider-Man is a lot nearer and dearer to me personally.